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Well Water Treatment System

Water treatment Water treatment
Just like drinking water, well water must be treated using various methods to ensure it’s safe for consumption and everyday use. What issues might you face if you don’t have a residential water treatment system? You might encounter problems like water that stains your laundry, appears cloudy, or has an unpleasant taste.

Are you unhappy with water that tastes like chlorine or leaves stains in your toilet? It’s time to consider a residential water treatment system. The solution will depend on the results of a water analysis conducted by a specialist from the Groupe Ilqueau.

Among the residential water treatment systems for well water, your options include:
Water treatment Water treatment

Tap Water Treatment System

Water treatment Water treatment
Does your water supply come from the municipal system rather than a well? You’re not immune to water with an unpleasant taste. Although chemicals are less prevalent in well water, their use in municipal water is often unavoidable. This water can also leave a pink residue in sanitary fixtures, often caused by trihalomethanes (an informational pamphlet is attached for reference).
Even though it’s safe for consumption, its quality can be further improved. That’s where a residential drinking water treatment system comes in handy. Various filters, a reverse osmosis system, or a water softener are among the residential water treatment systems designed to treat drinking water. Don’t forget about residential water treatment systems that aim to reduce the presence of chloramines in drinking water.

Residential Tap Water Treatment Systems

Kinetico brand residential tap water treatment systems offer numerous advantages:

Lake Water Treatment System

Although we frequently discuss well water or drinking water treatment, it’s important to also consider residential treatment systems for water drawn directly from a lake. How does it work? The pipes and pump are installed underwater, and the hydropneumatic tank is connected to the water treatment system in the house.

Options for treating lake water are numerous and varied:
Do you need a professional’s expertise to determine the right residential water treatment system for your family’s needs? Contact the Groupe Ilqueau to make your project a reality, and remember that softening your water is part of our mission!
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