Water Filtration
Systems for Home:
Clean and Pure Tap Water

Discover our range of water filtration systems designed for home use. Groupe Ilqueau offers effective solutions to address common issues such as high iron content, chlorine odours, and turbidity. Explore our water softeners, membrane filtration, reverse osmosis, and UV sterilizers to ensure the highest quality of water for you and your family.

Our products

Home Water Softeners

Say goodbye to hard water with our exceptional water softener products. Experience the benefits of soft and pure water with our Kinetico Premier XP and Signature Series.

Membrane Filtration for Home

Enhance the quality of your drinking water with our advanced membrane filtration systems. Suitable for residential, commercial, and industrial applications, our solutions deliver reliable and efficient filtration performance.

Reverse Osmosis Systems for Home

Experience the power of reverse osmosis in purifying your water at home. Our systems use semipermeable membranes to reduce contaminants and improve taste naturally, providing you with superior water quality without the need for chemicals.

Home UV Sterilizers

Ensure the safety and purity of your drinking water with our UV sterilizers designed for home use. These highly effective systems eliminate bacteria and provide you with peace of mind. Trust Groupe Ilqueau to prioritize your health and well-being.

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