An Insight into Membrane
Filtering: What Is It?

Membrane filtering is essentially a series of processes that pressurize water to pass it through a semipermeable membrane. This membrane, adorned with pores and capillaries, assists in extracting or filtering out particular pollutants.

Varieties of Membrane
Filtering Techniques

Membrane filtering Membrane filtering
The exact type of membrane filtering needed depends on the particle sizes and contaminants that need filtering. Here’s a glimpse into the three primary types of membrane filtering:
Microfiltration is typically employed for treating suspended substances, as well as certain types of bacteria. On the other hand, ultrafiltration provides filtration for even finer particles. Nanofiltration is the preferred method for filtering small-sized organic molecules and multivalent salts. The membrane’s specifics, such as its porosity and pore size, dictate the necessary water flow rate.

Owing to its semipermeable membrane, reverse osmosis stands as the most precise filtering method. Not only is it easy to maintain, but it also brings us closer to water purity by eliminating dissolved elements such as salt.

All membrane filtering techniques fall under the umbrella of “tangential filtration”. In general, these terms refer to the act of passing a liquid parallel to a porous membrane.

By employing an electric potential, high pressures, or a concentration gradient on either side of the membrane, the liquid to be treated passes through the membranes, emerging purified!

Membrane filtering can significantly contribute to water purification by eliminating substances present in it. Additionally, it can desalinate seawater, making it drinkable.

Notably, membrane filtering is exceptionally beneficial for companies that need process water to manufacture various products or for any other specific process.
Membrane filtering Membrane filtering

Membrane Filtering: What Are
the Advantages for Your Business?

Firstly, membrane filtering is a clean technology. As the filtration process considers molecule size, adding additives becomes unnecessary, achieving the quality standards demanded by public authorities.

Additionally, membrane filtering proves its versatility by treating various types of liquids with different properties.

While the eco-friendly aspect of this process is a positive feature, it’s important to highlight that membranes will need replacement when required.

If you’re considering membrane filtering, for your business, such as ultrafiltration, nanofiltration or microfiltration, Groupe Ilqueau is ready to provide guidance to find the solution that best suits your needs.

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