Addressing Chlorine in
Tap Water: Let Us Help You

If you're dealing with chlorine in tap water daily and are wondering how to dechlorinate tap water, Groupe Ilqueau is the perfect company to help you find a solution, such as a dechlorination system. With 20 years of passion and expertise in water treatment, we strive to provide our clients with attentive service, focusing on understanding their needs. If you desire chlorine-free tap water and want to avoid the associated discomforts, we'll gladly guide you towards the ideal solution for you.

Why is there chlorine in tap water?

chlorine in tap water Chlorine

In Quebec, it’s not uncommon to find tap water with a noticeable chlorine smell. Some people can even taste it and opt for bottled water instead.

Chlorine is an effective disinfectant that poses no health risks when properly managed. However, absorption through the skin during baths or showers is more concerning. Also, depending on the area, it can leave a varying degree of odour and taste of chlorine in your tap water.

chlorine in tap water Chlorine

The Impact of Chlorine
in Your Daily Life

chlorine in tap water Chlorine
Using chlorine to treat tap water is a sensible choice for municipalities. Nevertheless, for everyone’s health, it’s advisable to remove it, especially for those with sensitive skin. Once the water reaches your home, the decontamination process is already complete, so you can easily eliminate chlorine and alleviate the discomfort it causes!

Apart from adding an unpleasant odour and taste to your tap water, chlorine can contribute to several issues, such as:
If chlorine in tap water is causing you discomfort, there are solutions available! Groupe Ilqueau is here to help.

How to dechlorinate tap water
and remove chlorine taste and smell

If you’re looking to cut down on buying bottled water, which can become costly and environmentally harmful over time, we offer effective and sustainable alternatives!

Whether it’s a dechlorination system, a carbon backwash filter, or a drinking water station, we’ll assess your needs to ensure you receive the quality of life you deserve, free of chlorine in tap water.

Interested in enhancing your daily life with chlorine-free tap water? Request your drinking water analysis now or contact us!

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