Dealing With Hard Water:
Solutions and Treatments

Lime scale and water hardness are highly undesirable, which is why many homeowners rely on Groupe Ilqueau to tackle the negative effects of hard water in their everyday lives. With a 99% satisfaction rate, you can be confident you won't be disappointed!

The Consequences of
Hard Water

Hard water Hard water
Hard water presents numerous issues. First, it leaves an unwelcome metallic taste in the mouth. People with sensitive skin will also be impacted by limescale in the water, as hard water is less effective at hydrating the skin, leading to itching and other irritations.

Household appliances, too, suffer from hard water, which can shorten their lifespan. Calcium carbonate deposits affect the efficiency of hot water supply systems, resulting in increased energy consumption, which is never ideal. Additionally, hard water requires a higher consumption of detergents, affecting both your budget and the environment. Plumbing can also be damaged by hard water, with some pipes becoming clogged over time.
Hard water Hard water

Hard Water Treatment:
A Solution for Water Hardness

Hard water Hard water
Thankfully, Groupe Ilqueau has a solution to eliminate hard water in your home: the Kinetico water softener. Why is this system the best choice? For one, its non-programmable operation prevents water waste and the unnecessary use of regenerating salt.

That’s not all! The Kinetico system’s high flow rate enables multiple appliances to be used simultaneously. Equipped with Overdrive Technology, it ensures superior treatment capacity. Need to do laundry while someone is showering? No problem, and no time wasted!

Always striving to provide a service tailored to our clients’ needs, the system is adapted according to the specific characteristics of the water, resulting in an even more satisfactory performance that consumers appreciate.

Furthermore, as hard water is a persistent issue, the Kinetico system is always in service, thanks to its two tanks.

Get in Touch with a
Groupe Ilqueau Specialist

How can you permanently resolve your hard water issue? The answer is simple: contact a water treatment specialist at Groupe Ilqueau. They will use their expertise to find a solution tailored to your needs and budget, including understanding the water hardness scale and providing the best hard water treatment for you.

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