Resolving Rusty Tap Water:
Effective Treatment Solutions

Dealing with rusty tap water can be a frustrating issue for homeowners. At Groupe Ilqueau, we understand the challenges posed by rusty water and offer tailored solutions to restore the quality of your water supply. With a satisfaction rate of 99%, you can trust us to address your concerns effectively.

The Consequences
of Rusty Water

rusty Water Rusty Water
While rusty tap water is not typically harmful to your health, it is certainly undesirable. The presence of rust can lead to staining on clothes, discolouration in toilets, and the potential for an unpleasant taste in your drinking water.
rusty Water Rusty Water

Rusty Water Treatment:
Water Analysis for Effective Solutions

rusty Water Rusty Water
To regain clear and clean tap water, our specialists at Groupe Ilqueau will conduct a comprehensive water analysis at your convenience. This analysis will help us identify the best treatment options for your specific rust problem, whether it’s ferrous or ferric rust. By contacting us, you can benefit from our expertise and find the ideal solution for your needs.

Effective Rusty Water Treatment Solutions

We offer a range of effective solutions to combat rusty tap water, including the Powerline Pro series filter, the Macrolite backwashing filter, and the Kinetico water softener in combination with another system. These solutions have numerous benefits, ensuring efficient removal of rust particles.

For example, the Powerline Pro filter provides a choice of three filter media and features a programmable control valve accessible through smart devices. The Macrolite backwashing filter boasts a non-electric control valve for on-demand backwashing and two tanks to accommodate larger water flow requirements.

If you’re seeking reliable treatment for rusty tap water, don’t hesitate to contact the experts at Groupe Ilqueau. We will help you enjoy clear and refreshing water by effectively addressing your rusty water problems.

FAQ about Rusty Water Problems

Rusty water is water that contains a high level of dissolved iron, typically from groundwater passing through iron-bearing rocks and soil or from the corrosion of iron or steel in plumbing systems. Although iron is a common, naturally occurring mineral necessary for health, an excess amount in water can lead to issues and nuisances.

The presence of rusty water is often indicated by a reddish or yellow coloration, stains on fixtures, dishes, and laundry that resemble rust, and a metallic taste to the water. For a precise measurement of iron levels in your water, consider using a water testing kit available at most home improvement stores.

Consuming water with a moderate amount of iron isn’t typically harmful to health. However, high intake can lead to conditions such as iron overload. The primary concerns with rusty water tend to be aesthetic, including the taste and appearance of the water and stains on household surfaces and appliances.

Rusty water can lead to iron deposits inside pipes and appliances, reducing their efficiency and lifespan, and can cause blockages in pipes and valves. In heating appliances like water heaters, iron buildup can decrease heating efficiency, leading to increased energy consumption and costs.

There are several effective treatments for managing rusty water. Iron filters are a go-to solution, removing the iron before it reaches your faucets. Water softeners can also help, particularly with insoluble forms of iron. For high iron levels, advanced treatments like chemical oxidation followed by filtration might be necessary. Getting a detailed water analysis is crucial to determine the most suitable treatment approach for your specific situation.

While using rusty water for watering the garden or other outdoor activities is possible, caution is advised. Excessive iron can negatively impact plant health and leave unsightly stains on outdoor surfaces, including patios and siding. For tasks requiring clean appearance or for watering sensitive plants, opting for treated water is recommended.

Groupe Ilqueau specializes in addressing rusty water problems with tailored solutions. Our process starts with an in-depth water analysis to assess the type and concentration of iron you’re dealing with. Based on our findings, we recommend and install the most effective water treatment systems, ranging from iron filters to water softeners. Our goal is to provide you with clear, clean water free from the hassles associated with rusty water.

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