Cloudy Tap Water:
What Should You Do?

Dealing with cloudy tap water can be concerning, especially when it comes to its potability. It's important to address the issue and understand its causes before using the water.

Water Turbidity: Explained

cloudy tap water Cloudy water
Water turbidity refers to the presence of suspended particles that give water a cloudy appearance. Factors such as clay, silt, organic matter, and inorganic substances contribute to high turbidity levels, which can affect the quality and clarity of the water.
cloudy tap water Cloudy water

Cloudy Well Water:
Identifying the Causes

cloudy tap water Cloudy water
Cloudy well water can have various causes. Air bubbles, introduced during well pumping or due to changes in pressure or temperature, can contribute to the cloudiness. Suspended particles, such as sediment or minerals like calcium carbonate, can also be responsible for the turbidity.

The Impact of Cloudy Water

cloudy tap water Cloudy water
Cloudy tap water and well water not only affect its visual appeal but can also have practical implications. High turbidity can impact the taste and odour of the water, making it less enjoyable to drink or use for cooking. Additionally, suspended particles can lead to clogged faucets, reduced water flow, and potential damage to appliances and plumbing systems.

Other types of tap water problems

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