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Have you bought a new property and discovered a worrisome tap water issue? Are you dealing with irritations related to your tap water and want to resolve them before they worsen? You're in the right place! Groupe Ilqueau has been specializing in water treatment for 20 years. Our passion drives us daily to find tailored solutions for a wide range of tap water issues.

Chlorine Problem in
Your Tap Water

tap water problem Tap water problems
Chlorine (sodium hypochlorite) is commonly used to disinfect water from lakes and rivers, as well as public water supply networks. It is also favoured when a home’s water supply comes from surface water, such as a well or a point.

Despite the effectiveness of this disinfectant and its proper dosage by public networks, chlorine sometimes leaves an undesirable odour and taste. If you are experiencing such a tap water issue, Groupe Ilqueau can help you!
verre d'eau problème d'eau potable

Tap Water Issue

tap water problem Tap water problems
The yellow colour in water is primarily caused by the presence of suspended particles, tannins, or iron oxide. Some situations can damage your sanitary appliances and stain your light-coloured clothing. That’s why it’s essential to address this type of tap water issue when observed.

If you’ve noticed an unusually yellow hue in your home’s tap water, we can help you act promptly! With our range of high-quality products, we can find an effective and lasting solution that suits your situation.

Hard Water Problem

Hard water is among the most common tap water issues in Quebec. Caused by the presence of calcium and magnesium (more commonly referred to as “limestone”), it can negatively impact your environment without being harmful to your health.

Over time, under the influence of heat, limestone tends to clump together and clog pipes, reduce water flow, and create a buildup in your water heater, etc. To avoid such inconveniences and quickly resolve your tap water issue, contact us!

Rusty Water Problem

The presence of iron in your water usually leads to a rusty hue, accumulation of stains on surfaces such as paving stones, vinyl, or aluminum, and a metallic taste.

This kind of tap water issue requires a thorough assessment to determine the proper treatment to resolve it. With extensive experience in the field, Groupe Ilqueau has the expertise to deliver the high-quality service you’re looking for.

Cloudy Water Problem

tap water problem Tap water problems
Cloudy water can be caused by various factors. A large amount of air, suspended matter, sand, clay, or sediment may be responsible.

Although concerning, a cloudy water issue isn’t necessarily harmful to your health. If you want assurance, don’t hesitate to request a water analysis! We’re happy to support you in your pursuit of a healthy environment.
tap water problem Tap water problems

Tap Water Odour Issues

Fundamentally, water has no colour, taste, or odour. Many people experiencing an odour issue with their tap water resort to bottled water, which can become costly and harmful to the environment.

If you want to enhance your tap water quality with a long-lasting, effective, and eco-friendly solution, Groupe Ilqueau is here for you! Making your life smoother is in our nature!
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