What You Need to Know
About Ultraviolet (UV) Water Sterilizers

How UV Water Sterilizers Work

uv water sterilizers UV sterilizers
UV water sterilizers use an ultraviolet lamp enclosed in a quartz tube within a stainless steel tank to purify drinking water. As water flows around the tube, it’s exposed to UV rays, effectively eliminating up to 99.99% of bacteria and other contaminants. The UV lamp has a lifespan of about 9000 hours, requiring an annual replacement, with an alarm indicating when it’s due. UV water treatment disrupts the DNA of bacteria and viruses, preventing their proliferation.
uv water sterilizers UV sterilizers

The Benefits of UV
Water Treatment

uv water sterilizers UV sterilizers
UV water treatment systems offer a host of advantages:

Upholding UV Water
Treatment Standards

uv water sterilizers UV sterilizers
UV water treatment systems are recognized across industries like agriculture, food service, healthcare, and education. Pre-filtration using a 1-micron filter is needed prior to installation. Moreover, the water must meet specific standards, including:
If these conditions aren’t met, supplemental equipment like a water softener and UV disinfection system may be required for effective sterilization.

Choosing the Right UV Water Sterilizers

To choose the right UV water sterilizer, it’s essential to conduct a water test to determine its composition. Groupe Ilqueau can assist with this analysis and determine if a pre-filtration system is required. Additionally, consider your household’s total water consumption as it influences the size of the UV water sterilizer for optimal performance. UV water sterilizers may come equipped with features like touch screens, LED indicator controllers, sensors, shutoff solenoid valves, and flow meters (for commercial systems). As the cost of a UV water sterilizer depends on various factors, consult with Groupe Ilqueau for more information.

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