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Groupe Ilqueau: The Various Drinking Water Problems We Address


In Quebec, facing a water problem is more common than you might think. In fact, even though a potability test is mandatory when buying a house, it primarily checks for bacteria levels in the tap water. That’s why, several months later, many buyers discover issues that affect their quality of life.
Whether it’s an issue with municipal water (water tasting like chlorine, yellow, hard, iron-laden, or cloudy) or well water (presence of unwanted odours), Groupe Ilqueau employs the finest technologies to provide tailor-made solutions. With the Kinetico product line and our expertise, you’ll regain the comfort you deserve!

About Groupe Ilqueau

Groupe Ilqueau is a family-run business that has passionately worked in water treatment for nearly 20 years. With a daily drive to offer you the best, our team of experts utilizes their knowledge and expertise to deliver fast and personalized service. Whether your project is commercial, residential, or industrial, and whether the need is to soften water, treat iron, remove unpleasant odours, or manage excessive salt, Groupe Ilqueau will find a way to balance budget and quality.

Commercial Solutions

Are you seeking top-notch water quality for your business or industry? Groupe Ilqueau has the solution for you! Or perhaps you have a specific need for process water. We also have those solutions at hand.

Our certified team has all the experience and know-how required to provide you with drinking water that meets the highest standards. Paired with the Kinetico products we work with, our attention to detail makes us a reference in the water treatment field.

Interested in working with a dedicated and professional company? Request a water analysis or contact us now!

Our Drinking Water Treatment Products

Water Softeners

A water softener is a single (monocylinder) or multiple tank device that removes calcium and magnesium (total hardness) composition, commonly called "limestone," from your water.

Membrane Filtering

For membrane filtering, Groupe Ilqueau will provide you with access to more than one range of effective products. Thanks to their cutting-edge technology, these products adapt to commercial, industrial, and residential needs alike.

Reverse Osmosis/Whole-house systems

Reverse osmosis systems use a semipermeable membrane to reduce contaminants in order to improve the taste of water without adding chemicals. Purifying your water naturally? It's our daily passion!

UV Sterilizers

UV sterilizers are an effective solution for ridding your water of various bacteria that may be present. Groupe Ilqueau cares about your health and that of your loved ones. That's why we work with the most efficient products when it comes to drinking water sterilization.

Ce que nos clients disent de nous


Groupe Ilqueau est une entreprise familiale qui œuvre avec passion dans le traitement de l’eau depuis maintenant 15 ans.


Motivée au quotidien par l’envie de vous proposer ce qu’il y a de meilleur, notre équipe d’experts met ses  connaissances et son savoir-faire à votre disposition pour vous offrir un service rapide et personnalisé.


Que votre projet soit commercial, résidentiel ou industriel, que le besoin soit d’adoucir l’eau, de traiter le fer, d’éliminer une odeur désagréable ou de traiter une trop grande quantité de sel, Groupe Ilqueau trouvera la façon d’équilibrer budget et qualité.

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